ETAHT Attends 'FALLEN STAR' – A Play On Irregular Migration and Human Trafficking

Feb 08, 2019
ETAHT Attends 'FALLEN STAR' – A Play On Irregular Migration and Human Trafficking

“Jazz, Theatre and African Drums”
A play on irregular migration and human trafficking

Irregular migration has become a threat to our Nation. Every month we see cases of Nigerian potential migrants who believe that they can only be successful in Europe. No one is really spared from irregular migration, Nigerians of all ethnic groups, engage in this act.

Irregular migration also includes human trafficking, which is basically a way to exploit women and children for cheap labour and prostitution, as an opportunity to help themselves out of poverty.

According to the United Nations Education, scientific and cultural organization (UNESCO), Nigeria was claimed to be one of the Leading African countries in human trafficking. It is that need to show an emphasis on the implications of irregular migration and human trafficking that led to the birth of this Command Performance by the Edo state Task Force against Human Trafficking.

The play, which took place on February 4th, 2019 in Abuja, was hosted by Dr Ayoade Alakija and her amiable husband and attended by several distinguished persons, including members of the diplomatic corps, heads of agencies who have shown a keen interest in the fight against human trafficking and irregular migration. The guests were taken on a journey which shows how pain, extreme ignorance, extreme poverty and lack of basic education and livelihood skills, contribute to creating situations of vulnerability, opening victims to the risks of exploitation.

It is not enough to just know the problem, you have to also look at the cause, understand why it happens and how it can change for better. The Attorney General of Edo state and chairperson of the task force, Prof. Yinka Omorogbe said, that partnerships and ideas are welcomed in the fight against human trafficking.

The play examined the thought processes of parents, guardians and the victims of trafficking, thereby helping the audience understand the mindset of these persons, their motives and the ordeals they endure in an attempt to ensure that they or their loved ones arrive in Europe’s “greener pastures”

It also threw light on the most unsavoury aspects of Human trafficking.